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Nico & Nat Dicou

We're Nat and Nico, proprietors of Lincoln Street Farm. Welcome to our website about our urban farm project in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. We now live off-grid in Hawaii in a rural citrus orchard. Lincoln Street Farm was how we channeled our entrepreneurial spirit during the pandemic and learned that a different way of life is possible. A way of life where making and creating is part of every day. We love to garden, make things with our hands and follow our entrepreneurial dreams. We co-founded Toasty Touch and launched in February 2022. We sell ultra-thin heated gloves for indoor use to people with cold hands! 

Ever since our wedding on the first day of Marriage Equality in Utah in December 2013, we've dreamed of someday moving to the country and becoming farmers. The problem? We're city slickers: we need our public transportation, indie movie theaters, sushi restaurants, and favorite breweries. 

So we decided to follow the words of the oft-cross-stitched platitude, and we bloomed where we were planted! Literally. We started transforming our backyard into an urban farm. We repurposed our shed into a candle- and soap-making studio. And we relocated an antique greenhouse to a spot next to our mini orchard.

Welcome to our online clubhouse. In our shop, you'll find our latest creations, including our one-of-a-kind, scented pillar candles; our decadent soaps featuring ingredients like activated charcoal and bentonite clay; and other goodies. 

A little more about our farm: 

Our company is 100% women-owned. 

We love upcycling and anything antique. Our farmhouse was built in 1896 and we restored an antique greenhouse rebuilt on our farm in 2020.

We make our pillar candles with paraffin wax, fragrance oils and braided cotton wicks. 

Illustration by Fiona Barney

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